The final piece of the greatest commandment as passed down from Christ to His listeners in Mark 12:30 was to love God “with all your strength.”

In this era strength is a word full of vibrate meaning and weighty connotations.  Chiefly when we think of strength we more often than not begin to think of a type of physical prowess or the ability to perform some feat of significance.  This is not an incorrect idea of strength, although I do believe it to be an incomplete one.
Loving God with all of your strength means to sacrifice your every effort to Him.  It means to perform to the best of your ability in all areas, not because your relationship with Him hinders on your performance; but rather, because your love for Him compels you to honor Him throughout your every waking moment.
The measure of our strength in light of His is pitifully meager and almost unworthy of even mentioning and yet still the God of all creation yearns for it.  Not because He in any way or capacity needs our meager offering to fulfill His sovereign purposes.  He sees the effort we spend as a collective act of willful adoration.
God wants the sum total of our parts to align in a fervent love for Him alone; heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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