God Created

My previous entry discussed the nature of God’s beginning-less-ness. In continuing with my reflection on Genesis 1:1 let me look at the concept of creating.

I love to draw. I have all of my life. Some of my earliest memories are moments with pencil, pen, or crayon in hand rendering some childlike fantasy upon paper. I remember once in school being declared “most creative” in my class. Many years have gone by and my desire to create has never faltered nor diminished. In fact, I would say that more and more with each passing season some new creative endeavor begins to take shape within my soul.

Illustration, song, poem, essay, blog, t-shirt, sermon, video, web site, or story; all my efforts to create are the sum total of things that already are. At their root, they are not really creation at all, they are expression. They are expressions of who I am, the things that intrigue me, and the things I love. They are not new.

“God created,” is the one and only time those words can be used in a very literal context. His creation was both expression, (The heavens are telling of the glory of God…) and demonstration (… and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. -Psalm 19:1 NASB).

The next time you see a beautiful vista, hear a song bird, or find yourself standing at the mirror, take a good look, you’re witnessing the expression and demonstration of The Creator.


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