Share Your Faith: Connect Socially

Sharing your faith is one of the most basic principles of Christianity, yet it is largely ignored in terms of serious teaching or discipline.  I’m not suggesting the following is anything overtly intellectual or deep; but it is serious, and for those wishing to share their faith, it is practical.

One of the greatest stories in all of the gospels is recorded in John 4:1-26. This wonderful account details Christ’s interaction with a Samaritan woman at a well. I believe that anything we do as Christians can be patterned after the way Christ did things.  There are some great truths we can take away from Christ’s interaction with the woman that will help us in communicating the Gospel.

1) Connect Socially

In the Church-world we’re getting really good at separating ourselves from the rest of the world; but separation doesn’t mean isolation.  We live where we live, around whom we live around.  We work where we work, with whom we work.  I’m not sure why we feel like that simply because we’re believers  that we are supposed to suddenly cease all connection with anyone that is not a believer.  It’s like the only place that we feel comfortable interacting with non-believers is within the apparent safety of our churches.

When people aren’t coming to Christ, it’s usually because the Church is not taking Christ to the people who need Him most.  We really have to get rid of this naivety we have about thinking people will just show up and make life-changing decisions simply because we have a Christmas program, potluck, or Super-Bowl Party.  These are all great events, for building relationships, but if you’re not actively trying to get non-believers there stop thinking they’ll show up on their own.

Finally, withdrawing ourselves from those who have not heard or obeyed the gospel is completely, and entirely, contrary to the will of God.  Stop hiding behind the walls of this weird little Christian sub-culture we’ve whipped up in the last fifty years.  Get out there, connect with unbelievers, and build actual relationships with them that show Christ’s love.

2) Common Interest
3) Spiritual Interest  


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