T is for Turn

Being reconciled to God along His plan of salvation meansthat at some point one must make a change. In other words, you must eventually turn away from the habitual failuresof the past to embrace a forgiving future life endowed by the Father.  Unless this turning to God takes place, thereis no salvation.  A commonly used wordfor this act of turning to God is “repent”.
I tell you, no! Butunless you repent, you too will all perish – Luke 13:3
To turn to God is to embrace the realization that you needHis forgiveness, you recognize it is available; you know it is impossible apartfrom Him, and you are desiring a new life.  I find it incredibly humbling that somethingwith such far reaching affects can be accomplished with such ease.  One need only do as described in Romans 10:9to find salvation.
If you declare withyour mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him fromthe dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10:9
Turning means to walk away from sin, and selfishness, toembrace Christ alone.

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