Stuff I’ve Learned 1

I have an incredibly interesting job.  I once heard a dear friend, and long-timecampus missionary, describe it by saying, “I’m not really sure what I do, but Isure do a lot of it.”  He was joking ofcourse, and referring to the constantly evolving nature of campusmissions. 
Even in the dynamic state of “everflux,” as I like to callit, there are constants.  I will alwaysbe tasked with reaching people with the good news of the Gospel and there willalways be hurting people who look to me for counsel.
I don’t have any Bible verses or great words of deeptheological insight for you in this little blurb; but that doesn’t mean youwon’t find Biblical precedence for these things. What I have instead is alittle bit of helpful, practical, stuff I’ve learned along this interestingeight-year journey in campus missions.
1)     Speaktruth in love.  If people are asking youradvice you owe it to both of you to lay the truth out there in the most direct,and loving way possible.  Don’t pull yourpunches and confuse the issue, but don’t be mean about it either.
2)     Becomfortable in your own skin.  It’sincredibly helpful when communicating with people to have a healthy opinion ofyourself.  That means honestself-evaluation that reveals the good and the bad.  Whether you’re up in front of a crowd or justtalking to a friend; it’s a lot easier to talk about deep issues, and not sodeep, if you don’t take yourself too seriously all the time.
I’ll have a few more over the next few days.

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