There is no maybe.

Commit to stuff that matters and stay committed.  Like never before it seems that people areunwilling to commit to things of actual importance.  They go absolutely nuts over their favoritesports team or band, investing ludicrous amounts of resources into proclaiming ultimatedevotion; but rarely are they willing to commit to things outside the areas of theirfrivolous passions.
I see this as a result of our society’s constant shift topander to our every whim and want, and it’s not a good thing.  Facebook brought this to light for everyonewith the infamous “maybe” option on event attendance; but people want options.  They don’t want to be locked in to doingsomething that they may change their mind about at the last minute.  They might be feeling a bit lazier the day theevent arrives than the day that they agreed to participate in it.  Even if they do actually say that they’ll dosomething, which used to mean committing to do it, there’s no real guarantee thatthey’ll actually do it.  Often as not,when the moment arrives the fickle nature will kick in and commitment isbroken.
I’m not saying we should be quick to jump into things.  It is always prudent to use good wisdom and judgmentwhen committing to something.  However, oncecommitment is made shouldn’t that mean something to us?
More and more I see a society afraid to; commit responsibly,follow through unconditionally, or accept the outcome of their choices.
There is only yes or no.  There is no maybe.

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