Cultural or Real Christianity?

There is a permeating stigma upon the nature of Christianity. Some are only now starting to realize this. Some will forever refuse to accept this notion. Further more, a great deal are all too happily oblivious to the existence of this stigma. It is with this notorious lot that the problem lies. Every day now we hear more and more about how much society disdains our Christ (in a nation where the majority of the populous still claim to serve him.) Every day we hear about new laws being charged up the judicial ladder. Atheism, humanism, occult, sexual perversion, and idolatry seem to be the order of the day.


Because many of the people who attach the name of Christ to their lives have no idea what they are saying. They are buying into a cultural idea of our nation as a Christian nation. It once was, but that day has long since passed. This cultural Christianity in America is the same sort of nonsense that sparked one of the greatest travesties in human history, The Crusades.

Cultural Christianity teaches us that it is acceptable to conduct yourself in whatever manner you deem appropriate. Cultural Christianity is based on loose rules, or in many cases no rules whatsoever. Cultural Christianity is a false precept that disillusions people into believing they are bound for heaven simply because they are a “good person” or they went to church one time.

Cultural Christianity is an empty, hollow, defunct, maniacal, and preposterous shadow of the truth that God intends for his people. It creates strife, greed, and malcontent in our churches; and breeds bitterness and condemnation upon those we are called to reach out to. It abandons the truth for emotion, discipline for comfort, holiness for relativism, and love for selfishness.

Real Christianity demands love, produces righteousness, and alters lives forever. It is not something that can be earned, won, or lived up to. It is a sovereign gift. Real Christianity involves usurping an individual from the throne of their life and kneeling at the feet of the waiting King.

Cultural Christians are all too happy to serve superficially while they are “blessed” and it coincides with their goals. There will be a complete lack of the spiritual disciplines.

Real Christians happily serve and are therefore blessed, all the while serving goals far exceeding their own meager imaginings. Theirs’ will be a life full of divine guidance. For God is not content to change us into the kind of people we wish to be. He has always longed to return us to himself in a way that is much closer to the original design. Only the truth of Jesus Christ and a genuine relationship with him will lead you down the path of Real Christianity.

A day will come when those who are content to strive for the middle of the road will find that it did not lead where they thought it would.


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