Kirk Cameron’s Happy Birthday Picture

Happy B-day Kirk!
You may or may not have heard about the recent viralexplosion surrounding Kirk Cameron’s birthday picture.  In almost every circumstance or situation itis being called “Kirk Cameron’s Sad Birthday” or something to that affect.
If you don’t know who Cameron is, he was the teen star of the1980’s television hit Growing Pains.  The show enjoyed a prosperous run on ABC andsince its finale Kirk has moved on to pursue a career more in line with hisvalues and beliefs.  He is now theco-host for the TV show Way of the Master.
The picture that is gathering so much attention was snappedby a coworker at a small, private, office party for the 41 year oldactor-turned-evangelist.
I guess what catches me so off guard, and prompted me toblog about it, is the fact that pretty much every news outlet reporting on thisis talking about it in a negative light. It calls me to point out the true sadness in this situation.  The media keeps hammering on his fall fromstardom and all of that kind of thing, but he made his decision to walk awayfrom Hollywood years ago.  He lives ahappy life, is a successful minister, and has a nice nuclear family.
Of course these days, society and media do not measuresuccess by joy, but by dollar signs and attention.  I wonder, who’s life is full of morecontentment, Kirk who is living the life he chose, doing the things heenjoys—or someone like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, who’s Hollywood successhas driven them to such a self-destructive lifestyle.

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