Life = Fair? No.

The good things we do as the Church, we do as a result ofour compulsion to love people as Christ loves us.  The social justice movement is all aboutfairly distributing stuff.  It always hasbeen.  Trace it all the way back to theroot ideas as espoused by Thomas Aquinas.
Should the Church being doing good in this world? Withoutquestion. But who defines what that good is? Or how it’s done? Only God candefine that or charge His people with carrying it out. James 1:27 and Isaiah1:17 are great things for the believer to strive for, but as believers we readand interpret those passages through our regenerated souls. We shouldabsolutely be trying to help people in any way we can as long as it does notcontradict the Gospel. However, the rampant declarations of a great deal ofsocial justice proponents today have little to do with doing good deeds asdefined by the only document that can accurately define good deeds.
Today’s evangelists for social justice do not have thehighest good on their hearts or minds. For the last several years every time I hear, read about, or see socialjustice being proposed it is an attempt to promote it as good based on thetenets of equality and entitlement for all people, especially the have-nots, inevery facet of life.  It is theideological promotion of fairness across the board.  It is a pipe dream.
Life is not fair, and never will be.  For the secularist thinker life will never befair no matter their station, provision, or vocation because there will alwaysbe someone who’s idea of fairness does not equate their own.  To the Christian I say life will never befair because Christ died to spare us; both from what we deserve, and what weare entitled to.

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