Social Justice = Mission? No.

What is the mission of the Church?  Some would have you believe that the Church’s mission is to champion the cause of social justice.  Those who believe this are fundamentally flawed in their thinking, but they are not alone.  God did not become incarnate man to bring about a “fair” distribution of wealth, a universal healthcare system, or fix any of these other social issues.  Even so, folks falling on the other side of this heated debate would do well to realize that neither did He did suffer and die on the cross to make you a shiny new Republican. Until a political party exists that stands solely on the platform of the Cross of Christ, you will not find any human political agenda that stands on equal footing with the mission given to the bride from the Bridegroom.

The Church as a relational embodiment of the human connection to our Holy God does not exist to champion the escalating catastrophes of political pandering.  Social Justice, when you boil it down to its barest essence means “getting what you’re due.”  In other words, it is the idea that all people should get what we deserve, or have a right to.

The basest thoughts of social justice are an attempt to offer up this ruse in a positive light, but, at the core, is the thought that all men are deserved of something.  Indeed we are, for since that day in the Garden when Eve was deceived and Adam followed her unto willful rebellion all we have been owed was all that our race had bought into.

I’m glad God loves me too much to give me what I deserve.  In terms of theological thinking (thinking about God) receiving what we deserve would be a nightmare.  Salvation itself is God providing for us undeserved—unobtainable grace.  Freely.

Some would squabble that I am dodging the issue, but I would argue that this is actually the issue in its truest form. God created. God said it was good. Man ruined it. What do we think that we deserve?

Paul wrote that the only good religion was taking care of widows and orphans.  I wholeheartedly agree, Christians should uphold the finest examples of selflessness and love, but the purpose of the Church is not good religion.  The purpose, indeed the mission, of the Church is to go to the entire world, preaching the gospel, and making disciples.

Go everywhere.  Preach the gospel.  Make disciples.


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