Greatest Expectations

Just nine short weeks ago I had a birthday.  It was a fun day spent with people I lovedoing some of the things that I really enjoy.  This morning I was thinking about how much mylife has changed in these last two months.
When September began I was firmly entrenched in all theawesomeness that goes with the hectic activity of fall semester startup as acampus missionary.  I was building greatrelationships, meeting awesome people, planning exciting activities, and awashin all the social buzz surrounding each of these things.  I had just returned to school to continue myeducation by pursuing a master’s degree in multi-media journalism.  In the realm of entertaining hobbies, thingswere looking more than chipper as several of my favorite stories were due tomake big screen appearances or hit DVD; and the holiday season for video gameenthusiasts was poised to blow the mind of every digital junky that owns acontroller.
And then…
Three days after my birthday Jamie walked into the room witha little white bag and handed it to me. Inside was a pregnancy test. Results? Positive. 
In the days since she handed me that little bag a lot of stuffhas gone through my mind.  This morningas I was reflecting on these things I was drawn continually to just how myexpectations for this next year, and life in general, were forever changed by asimple little white bag.  It reminded meof the verse I put in my block in our high school annual my senior year.
However, as it iswritten: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived whatGod has prepared for those who love him” – 1 Corinthians 2:9
When September began my mind, my heart, and my soul wereengaged in all the great things that I have come to treasure, love, and expectabout my blessed life.  As November dawnsI see that my expectations were great, but God’s expectations are the greatest.

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