Politicians and Providence

Have you ever griped about a politician?  I know have. Often.  It’s hard not to whenthings seem to be going haywire on a regular basis.  Griping and complaining about the things wedon’t like or agree with is a healthy part of our American political process,but it shouldn’t end there.  If all weever do is bicker about it, then we aren’t actually engaging in the process, weare only highlighting the problems… or adding to them.
As responsible citizens we should engage in the solutionprocess by carrying out our civic duty and voting.  Communicating our frustrations and desires toour elected officials through healthy channels is key.  However, as believers we should take it a stepfurther and actually lift our leaders up in prayer on a regular basis.
For because of thisyou also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to thisvery thing. – Romans 13:6
God is sovereign.  Ifa ruler is in power it is for a reason. We may not agree with their decision making process, and it might be contraryto everything we believe in; but we must continue to hold to the truth that Godis sovereign.
Yes, I will probably continue to grumble and complain when Isee elected officials do something ridiculous. I will also do my part by pointing those complaints to politicallyreceptive parties, and I will continue to vote; but I will also lift up thoseleaders in prayer, even as I disagree with them.

*For a great study on the sovereignty of God check out the Book of Daniel.


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