Beauty Happens

Picture of Rocky MountainsImage via WikipediaI’ve been laying here tonight trying to wind down from an incredibly packed day. Campus Church was great tonight. We had a wonderful turnout and I was just replaying all the awesome God-things that took place in my life over the last twenty-four hours.

As I was reading though 1 Chronicles 10 Jamie snuggled up to me in her sleep. She was already at that point in her rest where she didn’t even really realize what she was doing. Something in her just knew its warmer, safer . . . better, in togetherness.

I was nearing the end of the chapter and glanced over…and just looked at her. My beautiful, tired, sleeping, wonderful wife. It was enough to just make me want to write.

(Pardon my mixed tenses. The writer in me says, “don’t do it,” but the storyteller says, “go on,” and it seems he has the stronger voice at 12:45 a.m..)

It has nothing all to do with what I’ve been blogging lately, but it has everything to do with this crazy lens through which I see God. Remember? I’m the guy that gets convinced of the awesomeness of the Almighty by the poetic yumminess of a grilled-cheese sandwich.

Paul often wrote of God revealing Himself through the wondrous beauty of creation. David and the other Psalmists couldn’t get enough of it. Neither can I.

Be it a snowy Rocky Mountain summit, an Arkansas Fall, an East Coast dawn, or my Enchanting Bride, God’s Beauty is everywhere. I see these things He created and I see His creativity lovingly lavishing His goodness upon my senses and soul.

He doesn’t have to bottle it or manufacture it. Neither does God must need give forth great effort or expense to craft all these things of beauty. Beauty itself, and the ability to recognize it, like Him, simply is.

Because He is. Because He is Good. Beauty Happens.

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