I like meat. Actually that is a grievous understatement. I LOVE meat. It has just always been a staple of my life. Even the prospect of not eating meat just sounds alien and untrustworthy. Yeah, I just said that I find something about vegetarians and vegans to be abnormal.

I eat pretty healthy for the most part. My wife and I try to make fairly responsible dietary decisions, and more often than not, our meals include meat of some kind. Even my salad, which I also really love, generally includes some type of meat. I like a lot of protein in my diet.

Last night I enjoyed a scrumptious t-bone prepared by my mom. Even right now as I write this I’m sitting in my tree stand, waiting for a legal deer to harvest. And, In just a few hours people all over will start celebrating Thanksgiving by diving into all kinds of meaty dishes.

We love our meat. It is sustaining, it is filling, it is wonderful.

But you don’t give a infants a slab of roast when they’re hungry. You offer them something more in line with what their small developing body can consume, digest, and use.

I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it. And even now you are not yet ready, (1 Corinthians 3:2 ESV)

Paul, when writing to the church at Corinth, gave them what spiritual food he knew they needed, not necessarily what they wanted. He was discerning and wise, understanding that with spiritual maturity comes a greater level of understanding and revelation.

I see a lot of people these days with dangerously unhealthy perspectives concerning their spiritual health. Many think they are prepared for the meat of the Word, yet what they really are still in desperate need of is the milk. They have no spiritual discipline. Still, I’ve known many others, entire congregations even, that have contented themselves on the milk for so long that the things of greater substance found within the word shocks them and scares them nearly to the point of unbelief.

So, my question to you this cloudy Thanksgiving mornings is, what would best sate your spiritual palette. Are you still content to lap the milk of the Gospel, or are you ready to take on something solid? Are you meaty?

Happy Thanksgiving


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