A pseudo-theological blog might not be the best place to out myself in this respect; but I like zombie stories. I mostly blame George Romero. His “_______ of the Dead” series was already incredibly well established by the time I was old enough to know what it was really about.


It seems in recent years that zombies have finally usurped nazis as the most common cannon fodder in video-gamedom. Regardless of the media, nearly one thing is always constant where zombie literature is concerned…their insatiable desire for brains.

Yes, I know, this is disgusting and by now you’re hoping I reach a point soon.

Anyways, in the movies, games, tv shows, or comics–zombies are always looking for their next meal. They are inexplicably drawn to any collection of people; regardless of shape, size, or sex by their compulsion to feed.

On our way home from my grandparent’s Thanksgiving dinner we passed a local Walmart; and the sight before my eyes was much too similar to some old Romeroan film for me to be comfortable with. At 8 p.m. people were already flocking to a store that wouldn’t open for quite some time. And for what? “Bargains”

Like the denizens of some subpar zombie fiction, people all across our country are pressing into the mob, chasing the elusive sales whose demands always outlast and exhaust the supply. It’s true, they’re not out for flesh and brains, but I can almost here the groaning sounds of, “bargains….bargains” ripple through the atmosphere.


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