X Marks the Spot

Have you ever seen “Merry Xmas” written on anything?  I have.  A lot.  Have you ever heard someone throw a fit about it?  I have.  Quite often.

It usually has something to do with people believing and operating under the assumption that the guilty party is trying to “take Christ out of Christmas”.  Franklin Graham, a man I highly respect, has been known to spread this exact message on a number of occasions, even stating that the use of Xmas “is a direct attack on the name of Christ.”

We have reached a point in our country that for some people Jesus is a taboo word, but using the term Xmas has nothing to do with that.

Without boring you with an exhaustive history lesson–the English alphabet is basically directly copied from the Latin and Greek alphabets.  The Greek letter X (Chi) is the first letter in the Greek word Χριστός and was commonly used to represent Christ.  That little pic on the right (the Labarum) that looks like a X and P together was also used.

Xmas has been widely used and commonly accepted as an abbreviation for Christmas for a long, long time.  It has nothing to do with trying to remove Christ from Christmas.  It is just a shorter way to say it.

We really need to stop demonstrating ignorance by feeding the fires of misconception and paranoia this time of year.  For believers this is an incredible season of celebration.  Celebrating Jesus really is the joy of the world.  Anger has no place in it.


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