10 Money Insights

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying.  Welcome to my Tuesday 10, where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

Here are ten insights into money management from yours truly.  This isn’t an all inclusive list and you may already be well on your way to wise stewarding and living; but trust me–if you’re not already using these ten things–they will help.

1. Make a realistic budget and live by it.
2. Learn how to cook and eat at home more than you eat out.
3. Stay away from Starbucks, except on rare occasions.
4. Don’t get caught up in fashion fads and trends.
5. Don’t pay your bills late, ever.
6. Learn the difference between “want” and “need”.
7. Tithe to your church.
8. Be generous, but practical.
9. Repeat after me, “Credit Cards are bad.  Credit Cards are bad.  Credit Cards are bad.”
10. Student loans aren’t free money, neither are scholarships.


Winter Retreat: Wrap Up – Moses or Joshua

This is a short recap of our Sunday morning “Wrap Up” session from Winter Retreat 2012.

After you’ve finished watching, go read the first chapter of the Book of Joshua for more insight.  Let God transform you into the kind of leader He has always meant for you to be.


I’ve been reading a lot of Proverbs lately.  That’s the point I am at right now in my regular reading plan.  Last night as I was finishing it up I came across Proverbs 27:17, which has long been one of my favorite passages.

Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.
–Proverbs 27:17 NASB

I’m not going to even attempt to be long, academic, or eloquent here.  I think the Scripture speaks plainly, and pointedly, in that verse.

Being with other believers makes us better.  It makes us sharper and stronger.  It helps refine us for the purpose of God’s good.  How are you being sharpened?  How are you helping to sharpen others?

10 Things About Home

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying.  Welcome to 10 Tuesday where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

This is my short list of ten thoughts about home.  For those of you participating in Campus Church this semester, these are some things you will most likely hear a lot more about in the coming weeks.

1. Home is where you’re protected.
2. Home is where you’re loved.
3. Home is where you trust.
4. Home is where you’re fed.
5. Home is where you’re made.
6. Home is where you get clean. (hopefully)
7. Home is where you rest.
8. Home is where you are familiar.
9. Home is where you can ask important questions.
10. Home is where no one is cool.

Homework 1-19-12

Homework 1-19-12

Campus Church

  1. What is Campus Church? – graphics
  2. Home? – graphics
  3. What is the Winter Retreat – written interview with students
  4. Why is Campus Church important to you? – written
  5. Connecting around the state. – pictorial
  6. Who are the staff? – Pictorial with small write up
  7. Student Impressions – video package
  8. How did it happen? – video interview with Heath Graham and Jeremy Keaster
  9. What is GO12? – podcast with Jake Tinnell
  10.  Small Group leaders – podcast

Campus Organizations

  1. Chi Alpha: What does that mean? – Graphics and Written explanation
  2. Tech Fellowship: Interview with Jeremy Keaster – Podcast
  3. Campus Church: What is Campus Church? – Video
  4. Wesley: The Importance of Age to Age – Video
  5. BCM: Christmas in China – Graphics and Written Interview
  6. CCSC: Interview with Jason – Podcast
  7. Intramurals: Winter/Spring Sports – Pictorial
  8. Res Life: Battle of the Halls – Pictorial
  9. Zoe: Interview with Bob Brock – Written
  10. MBSF: A Brief History – Written

Local Church Outreach

  1. Fellowship of Christians –
  2. The Journey’s Clarksville Campus –
  3. RFA Foreign Missions – Photostory
  4. RFA Awanas Program –
  5. Liberty Grove AG Food Distribution –
  6. RCC Radio station –
  7. Second Baptist New Verge Discipleship Program –
  8. Pottsville AG Kid’s Outreach –
  9. Havana AG’s Massive Food Outreach –
  10. Campus Church’s Summer Projects –

Area Outdoors Activities

  1. Fishing Tournaments
  2. Rock Climbing
  3. Water Sports: Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting
  4. Frisbee Golf
  5. Biking
  6. Running
  7. Hiking
  8. Golf
  9. Hunting
  10. Softball Leagues

ATU Sports

  1. Coach Wilbur’s Expectations
  2. Player Profile – Lily Abreu
  3. Player Profile – Rosie Silva
  4. Player Profile – Will Paul: Why did you transfer?
  5. New Conference Coach’s Impressions: – written
  6. Pictorial – Tucker’s new look
  7. Baseball Team
  8. The facilities
  9. Something about the softball team.
  10. Golf Team preparing for GAC Championship

Local Businesses

  1. Victory Wear
  2. Miller Roofing
  3. Keith’s Music
  4. Russellville A&P
  5. Chamber of Commerce
  6. TRS
  7. River Valley Leader
  8. Heart & Soul
  9. Water Store
  10. Poppa Wheelies

No One Greater

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the incredible goodness of God.  About how awesome it is that I get to live a life and work a job that is designed around serving Him and His people.  About how incredibly blessed I am, in a way that is solely and completely apart from possession, property, and social success. 

I was having my own little private worship time in my office earlier and this was the result.  Hoping to get it added to my audio widget soon.

No One Greater
No rock is gonna take my place         

As long as I can say Your name
As long as I can sing Your praise
Though all creation lifts it voice
Angelic choirs still make noise
When the Book of Life adds another name
You see me, You know me
You love me, You showed me
There is no one greater
You lift me from the grave
There is nothing better
Than the power of Your blood,
The miracle of calling out Your name