Water the Flower

Spring is a wonderful season full of flowers, and although it’s still not technically spring for a few more days, we all know that nature doesn’t wait to do it’s thing simply because men decided to stamp a name on a calendar.  Spring also happens to be my favorite time of year.  All the signs of life creep up all around us and blossom into serene visages of warmth and color.

The other day I was chilling on the couch and happened to catch movement out of the corner of my eye.  A quick peek between the curtains and I saw our dear elderly neighbor walking off our porch, a flower-filled vase left on the small decorative stool my wife keeps near the front door.  It was an incredibly sweet gesture.  She returned a few minutes later to ring the doorbell and let me know that the flowers were there and that they needed water.  I thanked her, engaged in a few moments of small talk, and then returned inside to my Xbox and the quiet morning.  The flowers went to the windowsill.

The next day one of the flowers had fallen off the stem.  The whole thing just fell completely off.  There was still one pretty flower left, until the next day.  It fell off too.  Then it hit me.  I had completely forgotten to water them.  Oops.

When people first come to faith in Christ, they are often fully blooming.  They are excited, they are full of life, they often want to share their story with everyone around them.  Over time this often changes, not always, or even in every situation; but many times Christianity just becomes a kind of status quo.  One so full of religiosity that all it really does is replace the previous state of misconduct and sin that the person previously existed in.  This is unhealthy, unnatural, and depriving.  New Christians need help in their early development.  They need encouragement, accountability, instruction, and deep relationships.

For those of us who are already in right relationship with God, it is our mandate to help shape, disciple, and encourage those new to the faith.  Jesus spoke in John 4 about wells of eternal living water, we’re not that…and never will be; but we might be the gardener God uses from time to time to help pour into someone fresh in their faith.  Think about it.  Have you helped water any flowers lately?


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