Me Lately

Life has been good lately. Incredibly good. And while these first couple of weeks of parenthood have come with unique challenges, there is a level of joy to be found in it all that is profound beyond description.

Everything about everything now seems to happen from a new point of view. How I plan my day, what I will do, where I will go, and practically everything I encounter, accomplish, or attempt now has direct bearing on this new little person in my life. Each act carries significance. And here I must venture forth with care. My wants, needs, dreams, passions, and frivolities now assert themselves wholesale upon the life of someone who cannot yet want and dream for themselves.

While I have in married life, these last five years, attempted to allow the needs and wants of my beautiful wife to run parallel and at times supersede mine own, the simplest truth is that I am, and am likely to remain, a fairly flawed individual for the foreseeable future. Where then can I draw strength to face my fears, curtail my iniquities, and plunge ahead into devotion to those deeply deserving of my most strenuous devotion? God alone.

As I lie in bed holding my sweet little son, I marvel at the beauty of this exquisite creation. I wonder, just the same, how that God–who’s love and compassion has never been tempered with insecurity, jealousy, or abject stupidity; how much more does he look at you, me, and all of his precious children and just stare like only a father can?

He must love us in ways that we will never imagine, understand, or behold.


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