Slacktivism and Christianity

Have you ever heard the term “slacktivism”? Perhaps not, but it is essentially a mash-up of slacker and activism. It is the common practice of taking a stance on a somewhat controversial issue or throwing your digital weight behind a cause via your social media accounts. In principle it is the notion of investing in a cause with little to no risk to yourself.

We see this kind of thing crop up regularly in our fast paced social media driven culture. Already this year we’ve witnessed Kony 2012, No Shoes Day, and with the 2012 Presidential race under way, we will no doubt be subjected to at least a few dozen more before the ballots are cast in November.

In my opinion slacktivism is mostly harmless, it’s silly, but it’s pretty harmless. But the principle at work behind it is why I’m writing tonight.

I can’t even begin to count how many times in a day my social media feeds are clogged with this same kind of feeble carbon copy content regurgitated into the world wide web by purported Christians. “Jesus Memes” are the worst. They take some kind of important theological truth, simplify it to the point of silliness, and blast it onto the wall of every well-meaning believer that is not quite up to par with their social media etiquette.

Who are we trying so very hard to convince with all that wanton posting of flowers, lambs, and Jewish caricatures? Its cheap, it cost us nothing. What’s worse, it’s so poorly contrived and pitifully rendered that it reinforces every ugly stereotype that exists involving the inherent inadequacy of “Christian art”.

How about instead of just rehashing someone else’s goofy pic, or groan inducing creed, we spend a few moments in quiet reflection and actually do something that will draw us closer to the Father. If we really love God so much maybe He deserves a little more out of us than a placeholder pic on our timeline or to be “liked” on Facebook.

The Christian faith is much more than a passing activist cause. It requires, and offers, more than a temporary connection for allegiance. It’s price, is a paradox of worth, deserving of our undivided allegiance, and total investment.


One thought on “Slacktivism and Christianity

  1. Man.. I wish everyone would’ve read this one! It’s so true and most people aren’t willing to give more of themselves to something they believe in. They’re scared of the rejection and ridicule if someone disagrees with their cause. Good stuff.

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