Review: Pictures of Silver Moves Me to Sing

In the interest of full disclosure; Picture of Silver’s Ryan Taylor gave me a copy of their debut album Moves Me to Sing several days ago for review purposes.  In the interest of complete and total honesty, I was planning to buy it anyway.

I’ve been following Pictures of Silver since they arrived on the local music scene a couple of years ago, and every time they take the stage they improve.  This is a talented collection of musicians, who enjoy making music, but not for the chief purpose of entertaining.  Simply put, these guys are anointed.

As a self-styled Indy Rock Worship ensemble, Pictures of Silver’s debut brings a lot to the table.  It is a guitar driven festival of voluminous melodies, building choruses, and thoughtfully worshipful lyrics—sure to fit into any worship playlist.  Nearly every song on the album is an upbeat display of riffing guitar work and happy harmonies, not a small feat considering it tops out at eleven tracks.

Krystal Manning delivers an anointed vocal performance on nine of the eleven tracks, whereas band mates Ryan Taylor and Lance Shingleur take the vocal forefront on tracks Speak and Never Thirst Again.  Never Thirst Again, The Stand, and We Were Made for You all feature beautiful melodies performed by pianist Shingleur.  Rain Down, We Were Made For You, and Holy really stood apart to me for their rich sound and endearingly reverent lyrics.

Pictures of Silver’s Moves Me to Sing is a great album that will undoubtedly move any worship enthusiast to open their heart, turn up their headphones, and join the band.

For more Pictures of Silver info check out these links:
facebook, ReverbNation, Noise Trade, Amazon

You can also search Rhapsody and iTunes for Pictures of Silver.


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