10 Ways to Be More Awesome

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. Welcome to my Tuesday 10, where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

Late again this week, but who’s keeping track. We could all stand a little more awesomeness in our life. Here are ten ways to make it happen. Many of these are things I am trying to do, have done, or want to do soon. Thanks for reading and sharing.

1. Do something generous. Ex: buy a $30 Starbucks gift card and have the barista use it on as many consecutive orders as it will pay for. Watch and enjoy the kindness induced confusion from your seat as you enjoy your caramel late.

2. Learn something you don’t know how to do.

3. Teach it to someone else.

4. Stop overindulging.

5. Read a non fiction book.

6. Turn off the TV in your house for a week/month/forever.

7. Have regular meaningful conversations with the important people in your life.

8. Stop demonizing people you don’t agree with, even if they are idiots.

9. Stop thinking you’re awesome and especially stop trying to tell people how awesome you are.

10. Get in shape. Your body deserves it.


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