10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. Welcome to my Tuesday 10, where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

Finals are over. Grades will post in the next twenty four hours. Summer is here.

Summer is always a mixed bag for me. I love it because it means more family time, more time to relax, and more time to indulge in my hobbies. The relaxed schedule just seems to make the days seem as though they have a little more openness to them. Of course, summer break also means separation from my students which is refreshing at the outset because it allows for a chance to relax and recharge, it is also heart wrenching because they are why I love my job.

It will be August before I see most of them again. Here are ten things I plan to do between now and then.

1. Read a lot of good books.

2. Finish Skyrim.

3. Spend a lot of time with my family.

4. Record my first studio album.

5. Travel to the Dominican Republic with an awesome group of student missionaries.

6. Make something with my hands.

7. Finish section two of the book.

8. Swim

9. Watch Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man (not in 3D).

10. Prayerfully brainstorm the 12-13 academic year.


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