GO12: Challenges

For over a year Chi Alpha at ATU has been preparing to travel beyond the borders of comfort and country to obediently pursue the commission to global evangelism we believe God has charged us with. Tomorrow morning that mission becomes a tangible reality for seventeen students and three staff members. We’ll be traveling to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to work for nine days with two rural churches in the area.

There have been some awesome challenges in seeing a project of this scope come to fruition. Several years ago we began to move in this direction as a ministry and our first challenge was allowing God to prepare our hearts by cultivating a global mission mindset, which He has done. The next challenge we faced was having a staff member with the experience and capacity to organize and oversee such an undertaking; and WOW! God orchestrated a phenomenal addition to our team by blessing Chi Alpha with Jake and Ellen Tinnell, who have nearly a decade of experience leading missions teams all over the world.

Our next big challenge was finding a team willing and able to go. We needed students with the heart for global outreach, but we also needed students with the wherewithal and tenacity to work hard at consistently raising the large amount of money needed to make this trip happen. I’d be hard pressed to be more proud of our team. They have been faithful in their actions, creative in their thinking, and obedient in all things throughout this process.

This entire endeavor has been such an incredible challenge for all involved. So many hearts and lives have already been deeply impacted by this trip… and we haven’t even left yet. We depart tomorrow full of faith in a glorious God that has abundantly and exceedingly provided for us in the face of every challenge leading up to this moment, knowing full well that He has made the way and surely directs our every step.

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