GO12: Hearing

Many in our group have little to no exposure to Spanish. We can’t speak the language so communication becomes challenging and tricky. You can’t always understand what is being said. Listening becomes incredibly important, and not merely listening, but hearing. Two days ago I challenged our team to go above and beyond the already rigorous schedule of outreaches and activities, and to allow God to speak to their hearts concerning this place, these people, and His will. Here are ten things our team has heard.

1. You are capable of doing things you thought you could never do.

2. My life is not about me. My purpose in life is to serve people.

3. Don’t be afraid. It’s ok to show your emotions, raise your hands, and stand up.

4. Let go of pride.

5. The most amazing thing is that even though we can’t understand each other sometimes, we all worship God in the same language.

6. It’s ok to be committed. Have no fear in your commitments.

7. You did a good thing today.

8. Everyone is different and you have something to add to the team.

9. We in the U.S. are the true poverty stricken. We depend so much on our material possessions that we are pour in Spirit.

10. Love is unconditional and without boundaries or borders.

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