Blue: the Sadness

A lot of people in our country are mad these days. I don’t find that very helpful. In fact, that seems to me to actually be kind of dangerous. Instead I get a little sad about the current state of this United States. Because where madness usually drives people to take crazy action; a sadness borne of deep affection usually drives believers to loving action and dedicated prayer.

There are a lot of things about our country that make me sad. It’s mostly because I love it so much. I think the best way to describe it, is that it’s like watching a very dear friend go through difficult times, and feeling as though you are largely unable to help them out. I just mostly feel powerless to do anything about it, but I know that I can pray, and I do, and will continue to. These are just a few things I’m sad about.

I am sad because I think our nation has lost a lot of the selflessness that once made us wonderful.

I am sad because the Democrats want to give everything away, and I fear we will not survive it.

I am sad because the Republicans are stingy beyond reason, or compassion.

I am sad because both parties act like spoiled little brats.

I am sad because bi-partisanship has died in the last decade.

I am sad because the words “Tea Party” used to mean something great before its recent scary revitalization and rebranding.

I am sad because our political system is a rotten quagmire of crooked career politicians, more interested in currying favor and power, than in helping people.

I am sad because our country’s moral compass takes its bearing from the relativist fickle masses rather than objective truth.

I am sad because we are turning into a nation of cynics, talking heads, and “reality” TV, and I am trying not to fall into any of those categories (it’s not easy).

I am sad because every time a stranger looks at my son I think about how I can protect him from them if they turn out to be a psycho or pedophile.

I am sad because in a nation of so much, so many have so little.

I am sad because schools no longer teach kids how to think, they try to teach them how to test.

I am sad because shame is an antiquated idea.

I am sad because we are addicted to ourselves.

I am sad, because sometimes that is more helpful than being mad.

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