10 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Romney

I’ve known Skot Covert for several years. In all the time I’ve known him, he has been politically active. In fact, his interest in politics extends well beyond the day he first came to Arkansas Tech University. I’ve seen him grow into an incredibly bright young man, full of faith, and integrity; and although I’m not a Republican, I am a conservative. Skot is the kind of young man that gives me hope for the future of conservative America. When I asked him to write this guest blog this week, he graciously accepted, in spite of a rigorous travel schedule as the newly elected Vice Chairman for the College Republican National Committee. Skot is also the current Chairman of the Arkansas Federation of College Republicans. These are ten reasons why he is voting for Mitt Romney, and thinks you should too.


1. Youth Unemployment – In 2008 Barack Obama earned the support of Generation Y, with 66% of young Americans (ages 18-25) supporting then Senator Obama. Coming out in massive waves, America’s youth were mesmerized and strongly committed with the idea of electing Barack Obama. Now, this same generation faces the highest youth unemployment rate since the great depression at a staggering 16%, which is double that of the national average. Furthermore, 1 in 2 recent college graduates are unable to find meaningful employment. Four years later Generation Y is asking “why?” Why did Barack Obama not deliver on his promise of hope and change? Why did Barack Obama let us down? Why should we give President Obama another chance? Why?

2. Supreme Court Appointments – In the coming four years there will likely be multiple vacancies on the country’s highest court. A position on this bench is a lifelong appointment, which guarantees that whoever is chosen to serve will likely rule on very importance cases. Even this year alone the US Supreme Court made some very historic decisions, that from my conservative viewpoint, didn’t happen as I would of hoped. For example, Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was ruled constitutional on a 5-4 vote.

It’s my belief that when these vacancies are to be filled, Governor Romney will appoint true conservatives and strict constitutionalist to the high court. If President Obama is allowed to make more appointments, we are assured decades more of a SCOTUS with a strong left leaning.

3. National Debt – When campaigning in 2008, President Obama promised to cut the national debt. It has since then doubled and is currently at 15 trillion dollars, correct, TRILLION with a “t”. The cost of President Obama’s out of control and irresponsible spending practices will be placed on my generations tab.

Governor Romney has a proven record of cutting spending and not spending more than what is taken in. Our country is desperately in need of a President with experience in balancing a budget. Governor Romney’s experiences as Massachusetts governor coupled with his record as a successful businessman more than qualifies him.

We have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in. Governor Romney has a record of embracing this fundamental building block that thus far, has made our country a great one.

4. Experience Matters – Being president is no easy task. There is absolutely no room for on the job training, which is what Barack Obama demanded. Formerly serving as a US Senator, he had only been exposed to one branch of government. The pace in the US Senate is, frankly, slow. Not acting on much legislation and only having to make an up or down vote.

Being President requires one to make decisions, often times hard decisions. Mitt Romney’s experience as a governor has prepared him to lead and to make the tough decisions that confront the issues our country is facing.

5. Because Barack Obama Said So – On February 2, 2009, referring to the economy and the stagnant job market, President Obama said in an interview with the Today Show “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

Mr. President, it’s been three years. 23 million Americans are still unemployed. Time’s up.

6. High Expectations – John F. Kennedy sought to send an American to the moon. Ronald Reagan wanted to tear down the Berlin Wall. What’s the goal of our nation today? What direction are we working towards? I’m afraid there isn’t an answer to this. Our President has disappointed Americans, much less inspire us.

Governor Romney has a vision for America. A vision that embraces freedom and prosperity that will allow for innovation, job creation, medical breakthroughs, and restoring faith that the American dream is still alive and well today.

7. Timing – Every few decades, turns in the business cycle, changes in culture and policy mistakes conspire to make us question ourselves. Is the “American dream” still alive? After 200 years, is our country finally in decline?

In 2008 our country was facing some very serious problems. We looked to the untested, brand new freshman Senator from Chicago to show us the way. Four years later, we are much wiser. We now know the “Chicago way”, and it’s not the “hope and change” that it was hyped up to be.

Our country is in a desperate need for a turnaround. There is no better-qualified politician in America to execute a turnaround than Governor Romney. It’s what he has done his whole career.

8. His Faith – Yeah, that caught you off guard didn’t it. You thought I was embracing Governor Romney’s Mormonism as a reason to support him. Well, frankly, kind of. Governor Romney has been faithful to his wife, a great father to his many sons, and never once has be been accused of any scandal. He is a man of integrity because of his faith, not in spite of it, and if he makes it into the Oval Office, we’ll know that his values are grounded in something far more profound than political expediency, opinion polls, or purely personal philosophies.

9. Fundamental Differences – The two candidates for president have very fundamentally different opinions on the role, size, and scope of government. I personally believe that government should be small because the people know best how to live their lives, spend their money, and make decisions about their family. The government only complicates this. Whether it be choosing health insurance or not, choosing which school to send one’s children to, or what kind of vehicle to purchase, the government should never be the middle man standing in the way of the people, ultimately hampering potential prosperity.

Governor Romney believes in a small government. One not of regulation, but one that rewards success. He supports a smaller, simpler, and smarter government.

10. 58 States – In May of 2008, Barack Obama famously stated in a campaign stump speech that there were “58 states” in our union. If a sitting US Senator can make such a gaff and still be elected for his poor math skills, then I can submit this blog post with only 9 points. There are 10 points, that’s a joke.

Check out these links to keep up with Skot, as well as the College Republicans.
Website: www.CRNC.org | www.ArkCR.com
Twitter: @SkotCovert, @ArkCR


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