Bigot, Homophobe, and Racist

When I was in junior high I would talk like a bigoted-homophobic-racist.  None of these traits were passed on to me by my parents who are two of the most loving individuals anyone could ever possibly meet.  I became that way because of the environment that comes with school sports in a small rural town that, at the time, was essentially devoid of any minorities whatsoever.

During high school I became pretty disenchanted with the idiocy I found myself regularly surrounded by, an awareness that grew as my own personal relationship with God began to really take root in my life.  When I came to college I was faced with my first true test on my world view.  What would shape my views into what they would be for the remainder of my life?  Even in the tricky maze of college culture I guarded my relationship with Christ closely; and in spite of a serious bout with depression, and an incredibly trying time during a failed romantic relationship, I felt myself drawing ever closer to my Savior.

Along the way the bigotry, homophobia, and racism disappeared.  Part of that had to do with meeting a lot of people from very different walks of life; but the larger part of it had to do with God shaping me into a much more loving person.  Through a carefully meticulous reexamination of all that I believed, or thought I believed, I discovered for myself the incredible love Jesus had for everyone, even those who killed Him.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about bigotry, political correctness, free speech, and tolerance.  These are some of today’s hot-button issues in the never-ending Theater of Culture War.  I don’t have time to dive off into each issue, although I may visit a couple here soon.  I do, however, believe that it is important to love all people like Jesus loved them, and that leaves no room for bigotry of any kind.


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