Guest Blog: 10 American Blunders

I love America, but we (Americans, first worlders, ect) tend to do a few things that don’t make sense. Here’s 10 (okay 11 because American’s don’t always follow the rules) common American blunders.

1. Lawn sprinklers. Why do we waste water watering our sidewalks and streets when drinkable water is a luxury many countries can’t offer?

2. Spend $250 on a pair of jeans. I promise, you can find some for less than that, which will still make your butt look awesome. In many places around the world $250 is considered to be a good monthly salary.

3. Rent storage buildings. Why spend so much money on junk that won’t fit in our house so we have to pay money to store it?

4. Buy SUV’s and complain about gas prices. (guilty)

5. Take our kids to the mall instead of the library.

6. Accept the use of foul and degrading language around us.

7. Have more TV’s in our home than people. Have more computers in our home than people (majorly guilty).

8. Buy homes we can’t afford, decorate them with things we don’t love, to impress people we don’t like.

9. Do anything (including having risky surgeries and taking strange untested medications) to lose weight. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you eat less and get in a little exercise.

10. Take no responsibility. Blame everyone.

And one extra:

11. Worship athletics. Million dollar grass. Billion dollar stadiums. Million dollar salaries. Thousands of gallons of fuel for one sport. Enough said.


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