Merica’s gods: Culture Wars

I’ve spent the last several months thinking about the utter waste in our nation. We waste resources, education, and effort on a wealth of idolatrous pursuits that are at the epicenter of American culture. It makes me sad. It is deeply sinful. And one of the saddest parts about it is that the American church has done or is doing very little to call it’s people to repentance. Shame on us.

I’m not a culture warrior, and never plan to be. I think that getting caught up in most of what amounts to today’s culture wars is pretty petty and ridiculous, and usually becomes more about who has the most fashionably attractive position to the fickle masses. Also, as Christians, getting lost in culture war has basically nothing to do with sharing the light of Christ with the world. In fact, I think its usually pretty contrary. Let me be clear, I do believe that we should take a stand for our values, and our convictions, but I also believe that sometimes we begin to idolize those convictions.

I have to admit, one of my biggest pet peeves is to listen to someone “preach” a sermon that is bulging with angsty war-time rhetoric targeted at their ideological opposition. It reeks of insecurity, faithlessness, and arrogance. But here is the real problem; some people just can’t be bothered to follow the whole Bible. They’ve picked their target sins and want to camp out in picket lines at every social juncture to make sure that their voice is heard, their opinion is voiced, and they’ve had their say.

What happened to “pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17)” and “praying on all occasions with all kinds of prayers (Eph 6:18)”? What might our culture actually look like if the American Church spent more time looking and acting like the Bride of Christ and less time trying to make war with that culture?

News flash: the degradation of society that most self-professing culture warriors are so worried about is a symptom of a much larger issue. It’s time to stop elevating our societal struggles to a place of supreme prominence. It’s time to stop giving them the limelight. It’s time to stop behaving as if God needs our help and is not sovereign.

Show concern for the issues that matter most to you. Form an opinion. Share it with those you care about, and vote your heart when the opportunity presents itself; but stop behaving as if culture war has anything to do with the Great Commission. The Church began losing the heart of America when it became more preoccupied with maintaining the status quo than with making disciples.

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