10 Things Guys Can Live Without

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. Welcome to my Tuesday 10, where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

As guys we usually think there are a lot of things we need. Most of these things are really just things we want. Many of them we can do without. Here’s my list of 10 things every guy could live without.

1. Conversation: This is pretty obvious and most guys would probably agree. When it comes to extensive conversation it’s just not necessary. Our compulsive need to speak is rarely longer than our immediate want or need.

2. Doilies: Many men will read this and think What the heck is a doily? It’s that frilly, lacy, flowery patterned thing that your mom and your grandma put on their dining table where the plates are supposed to go. Yeah, men don’t need those.

3. Consuming hobbies: Sports, Video games, and other consuming hobbies: pretend war, fake conflict, and the endless time sink are poor replacements for meaningful engagement, a worthy cause, and good–responsible time management. Put down the controller, turn off ESPN, and do something that will still matter tomorrow and the day after.

4. Pride: So many times we cast around for something to be proud about. Many times it has to do with our consuming hobbies, but not always. Pride is a catalyst for a lot of unnecessary conflict.

5. Image: This is just barely different than pride, but it is different. Concern for your image revolves around the meticulous cultivation of self-worth derived from others based on flawed values.

6. Furniture: Have you ever been to a bachelor’s house? Remember that “chair” made out of cinderblocks and a milk crate? Guys don’t really need furniture.

7. A Girl: No, I’m not advocating homosexuality. I’m just pointing out that some guys think they always need a lady on their arm, and they are wrong. Some of the most meaningful growth and maturing takes place in many men during an extended period of singleness.

8. Laundry Baskets: We typically prefer our clothes to be moved in piles. I’m pretty sure a woman came along and invented the laundry basket to make the piles easier to move.

9. Dancing: nothing good ever came from a man dancing. You know it’s true.

10. Violence: many things we enjoy as men involve violence. Most of my favorite movies involve explosions, gunfire, or battle of some kind; but the truth is that we could live completely without viewing, consuming, or participating in violence.


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