Life in the Blue Light


Lying here in bed I see past the dimlit borders of my iPad to a cascading forest of shadows all around this room. It’s late. We’re sleeping, well they’re sleeping. Me, my wife, my son, and one of our three cats are all piled up in our bed, bathing in the luminescent azure haze of Ethan’s baby monitor.

His teeth are starting to come in, and it hurts. So he cries, and he doesn’t understand why he hurts, so he wants mommy. So sleep only comes to him in the presence of his parents. Here in our bed where he can snuggle close between mommy and daddy, safe in the blue light.

The blue light is mostly for us. It’s a nifty little light that is part of his baby monitor. Usually we leave it beside his crib but tonight he sleeps with us, and I want the blue light here so we can easily see him if he wakes. I need it. He is mine and how can I watch him if I can’t see him? So here we are living life in the blue light.

God shines His light on you too if you let Him. Like an eternal watchman, He casts His gaze in your direction, and like the light of our blue baby monitor, the Great Father of Lights watches over you as you snuggle close. He comforts and cares when you hurt, and when you fail. You are His and how can He watch you if He can’t see you? So here we are living life in the blue light.


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