10 Things the Church Must Not Forget

Life usually doesn’t fit into nice neat little lists, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. Welcome to my Tuesday 10, where I try to fit the messiness of life into a list of ten.

This week’s Ten was written by lovely wife Jamie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

1. When everything is going well, pray and praise! Don’t wait for the downtimes. People are watching you in the good times to see who gets the glory.

2. You can not tell other people their convictions. You must pray God convicts them through His Spirit.

3. If you can’t love them while they are in the church there is no way you can love them outside it.

4. Christians have been Supernaturally sustained and provided for in historical periods, under terrible government, in wicked countries, and endured persecution that is far worse than anything you are probably dealing with.

5. Yes if God brings you to it he will bring you through it, but you must be fully armored for the spiritual warfare. Eph 6:13

6. There is no biblical commandment to hoard. The command continuously is to give and go.

7. When you have done everything stand firm. Eph 6:13 Firm. Not back on your heels in fear. Not on your toes trying to do too much.

8. The biggest lie Satan convinces people of is that they simply don’t have the time for Christ. Christian and non-Christian.

9. To covet someone else’s blessing is to tell God, He doesn’t know what’s best.

10. The heartbeat of Christ can be summed in three words: Love, Give, and Go. [He LEFT heaven cause He LOVED you and GAVE everything].


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