“The Most Important Election”

Today is Election Day. I capitalized it because our culture has turned it into it’s own twisted kind of holiday. It’s own kind of holy day. A day that we either choose to, or not to, celebrate the democratic process by casting a ballot. I voted. I think it’s important to vote, but not necessarily for the same reasons you may think it’s important to vote.

I have heard it said every four years going as far back as 1988 in the race that won George Bush Sr. the presidency that “this election is the most important election of our lifetime.” And maybe that is true. Maybe each presidential race carries an inherent level of immediacy and magnitude that promotes it to the epitome of electoral importance. Maybe. However, even if that were the case.  Even if today is the most important election of our lifetime, what does it really mean for you? In 24 hours how much will the results affect you personally.  In four years (or eight years) and 24 hours, how much will the day’s events affect you personally. For most of us, barring extreme circumstances, not much.

Participate in the political process. Do it because it is your right and your chance to freely express your political opinion without fear of reprisal. But let’s none of us be naive enough to think some man sitting somewhere in the Not-Quite-Circle Office will really affect that great of a change on our lives.  And if he can, if that man holding that position can assert himself in such a way, whether actual or imagined, that it does indeed truly affect your daily disposition, then I am deeply sad for you.

Enjoy today, because after today is over we will hopefully have at least four more years until the most important election of our lifetime.


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