Youer than You

I am always deeply saddened when I meet a young person that has written off their future because of their past. It is far too common. This quote from Dr. Seuss’s “Birthday Book” hits the nail right on the head–pointing to an incredible spiritual truth we all too often overlook.


Our perspectives, understanding, and experiences are shaped by time. We are bound to time. The only day we have today is today. We only have the right now. The yesterdays are no more, and the tomorrows never will be. We are here today. What we experience, what we do, and how we feel, are all products of how we allow moments that are not right now affect us. Yes, you may have done something terrible some long ago yesterday, but that is not who you have to choose to be today. Even better! You can begin right now to set apart each new today, choosing to make it so that every tomorrow becomes a better today.

All of us feel this incredible pressure to be someone special. Too often we want to pour ourselves into the mold we feel destiny has shoved our way. Tragically, many people allow their mistakes to push them in that direction, and in the process become something deeply different than the wonderful masterpiece God had intended for them.

The truth is that God loves us, has provided reconciliation for all of our wrongdoing, and is longing to lovingly bring us back into the fold. When you look in the mirror and see the addict, liar, or any other number of things, God sees you. He sees the youest-you. He made you to be that kind of you, and no one else can do it. He wants you to be you in all of your joyous eccentricity. Be the youest you you can be. Let God shape how that plays out. After all, you were made in His image.


One thought on “Youer than You

  1. For the last couple weeks your posts have nailed me on the head!!But today felt I needed to respond! I teach adults and the majority of them are here for a second and even third chance at trying to make a go of a career and a productive life! They have made many mistakes some serious, but everyday I feel like I have been placed here to help them find their way, it truly is a ministry for me! I have this on my bulletin board: The past only determines where you have been, not the direction you must go. So many of my students have been told they will never amount to anything, beaten down by so called friends and their families. My response: what do you believe? Lets prove them wrong! Anyway I know first hand what God can do when you have made mistakes! Sorry this got lengthy, but I will be using this post for my students! Thanks!

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