It’s not going to happen. Friday 12-21-12 will be a pretty standard Friday for most of us. I for one will be glad to have it behind us. But what if it were actually going to all go away tomorrow? What if today was the last day you ever had? Are you satisfied with how your final moments played out? Did you do something worthwhile? Did you give yourself in something meaningful?

The main idea here is that days like Mayan Apocalypse Day should, besides generating a ton of sarcastic humor, cause us to reflect on our lives. Days like these should make us stop and ask ourselves a few questions, not because we actually believe that the world is about to end, but because we believe that it will not. Are we satisfied with who we are, where we are, and how we are? What would we do to change any of it?

Jesus did something to change it. In fact, the first part of the most important moment in human history (the crucifixion of Christ) is widely believed to have happened on a Friday. Tomorrow is supposed to be a scary Friday. Jesus faced the scariest Friday ever. He did it with a willing commitment we will never be able to understand. He did it for you and for me, and to glorify the Father. He lived life free of regret, full of purpose, and focused on God. What about you?


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