February 4 – Forgiveness is Free

Read: Luke 1:80, 3:1-2

And he went into all the region around the Jordan, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. (Luke 3:3 ESV)

John came from humble beginnings. He was raised in the wilderness where he matured into a powerful man of God. He wore camel hair clothing, he ate locusts, and he preached with conviction. His message was powerful and effective; and many, many, people turned out to hear him and be baptized.

Repentance was definitely not a new concept in John’s day, but the practical application of turning away from sin was lost amongst the rampant religious corruption of the day. John bypassed all of the corruption and financial perversion that had infiltrated the religious bureaucracy in order to deliver a free message of forgiveness and repentance to anyone who would listen, and hundreds did.

Ultimately we have to remember that forgiveness is free to us. It doesn’t cost us anything at all. We can not earn, trade, or buy it. Jesus gives forgiveness freely to all who ask. It is free to us, although it cost him a great deal of pain and sorrow. Choose repentance, choose forgiveness, and choose to share it with those within your circle of influence.


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