February 7 – Who Are You?

Read: John 1:19-28

He confessed, and did not deny, but confessed, “I am not the Christ.” (John 1:20 ESV)

The misunderstanding surrounding John the Baptizer’s identity and authority was an epic concern for the chief religious rulers of his day. As a people they were watching and waiting for the Christ, hoping he would come to cleanse their nation of the Imperial Roman presence. But that was not his mission, or his identity.

Much of John’s success in his short lived public ministry came from his understanding of his identity. He knew who he was, what his purpose was, and why he wasn’t the most important part in God’s plan for mankind.

When we take our identity from God the Father and Jesus Christ these paramount questions become important in brand new ways. They often change to include a part of life that we never knew we wanted or needed, and certainly have never thought of in a Christ-centered context. John thought about all of that. He was not Elijah or any other Old Testament prophet, instead he was the one foretold to be a forerunner for Jesus. He was not the Christ, but he knew who was.

So it begs the question. Do you know who you are? Not just your name, or what you do. Do you know your mission? Do know both your identity and the one from whom your identity springs forth.


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