February 17 – Shine

Read: Isaiah 9:1-7 & Matthew 4:12-17

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined. (Isaiah 9:2 ESV)

Early in his ministry Jesus’s cousin John was arrested for boldly declaring King Herod as a sinful ruler. Shortly after Jesus left his hometown of Nazareth and made his way to Capernaum, a place which would become his headquarters for much of his ministry. It had been prophesied hundreds of years prior by Isaiah. The messiah would be for all people. He would shine as a light into darkness.

For the Christian, Christ has exposed our inner darkness and returned us to a place of restoration and salvation in him. For the unbeliever that has yet to happen, but Jesus still illuminates. He still points us to our need for him. Because in truth we do all need him.

As a believer what do you do with the light of Christ? Do you allow Jesus to shine through you? Do you allow him to work in and through you in a way that illuminates our deep need for him?

It’s not always easy. The darkness is no fan of the light. But it is necessary. We are all people who walk in darkness without Christ. In Christ, we are to shine a light which is the hope for the world.


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