February 26 – The Compassion of Christ

Read: Matthew 9:35-38

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9:36 ESV)

Jesus was compassionate. He was sincere in approach, specific in affection, and direct in the administration of humanitarian consideration toward those in need. If you were sick, he was a healer. If you were blind, he made you to see. If you were marginalized, he sought justice. If you were dead to your sin, he brought you to life. His compassion seemed to come without boundaries, borders, or prerequisites. However, Jesus especially, and lovingly, reached out to the poor and neglected.

Crowds followed Jesus. He did the miraculous regularly. Often these were comprised primarily of those deeply marginalized by the corrupted religious establishment. They gathered en masse as a leaderless people looking for a leader, protector, and provider. Jesus came to be exactly that. He was and is the good shepherd. Whether physically or spiritually blind, he can still help you see. If you are arrested by fear he can set you free. If you are walking in the death of darkness he can lead you to the light of life. He still has great compassion.

What about you? I’ve been personally reevaluating this for some time. How compassionate are you? Sometimes people are just naturally compassionate. Some of us have to work at it. How do we do that? By reaching out with the authentic love of Jesus to someone that just needs to know him. Jesus showed compassion to show his caring nature, desire to serve, and to glorify God. Should our motivation be any different?


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