February 27 – Say and Bring

Read: Luke 8:1-3

Soon afterward he went on through cities and villages, proclaiming and bringing the good news of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with him, (Luke 8:1 ESV)

Jesus preached a lot about the kingdom of God. He was always proclaiming his radically correct ideas through spoken words. But he also brought the good news with him. It was more than a simple theological proclamation. It was also a practical demonstration. Jesus talked about the kingdom of God, and then he showed people the kingdom of God.

I genuinely believe that we can show people the kingdom of God, but we need to bring it to them. All to often our mentality is to bring people to the kingdom, when in reality Jesus demonstrated a model that was all about taking the kingdom to the people. Truthfully many people won’t come to your kingdom, but of you take them THE kingdom they will be more receptive.

It’s not a guaranteed way to reach everyone. I’m not convinced anything like that actually exists. But it will be fruitful. Not everyone will see, comprehend, or embrace the kingdom of God through a saving knowledge of Jesus, but not taking it to them greatly lessens the potential that they will.

To be in the kingdom we have to bring the kingdom. To be in light we have to be sharers of light. The gospel is the best news. People need and want to know it. Take it to them.


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