March 1 – Follower

Read: John 1:37-40

One of the two who heard John speak and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. (John 1:40 ESV)

Following is a big deal. When you follow someone you go where they go. Following someone with the intention of learning from them means you begin to follow them not only in terms of locale, but also in behavior. It means adapting behavior of thought, behavior of speech, and behavior of heart.

John and Andrew became followers of Jesus. They began a life of living for him and with him. And eventually both of them would die for him.

Following Jesus is not something you just say, or claim, it is something you do. It is initiated and maintained by faith that is more than merely contemplative. It is active. It is believing, saying, and doing.

Sometimes it is easy. Often it is incredibly hard. Always it takes everything, requires everything, and offers everything. We follow Jesus. We live for Jesus. Possibly, we may even die for Jesus.


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