March 10 – Teach and Learn

Read: Matthew 10:16-25

A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. (Matthew 10:24 ESV)

I love living life with my fellow Christians. I have the wonderful privilege of working and serving in a close knit community of believers. We’re in a season of rapid change as God brings in more and more people. We are experiencing a ton of growth. This has created a lot of really amazing opportunities for discipleship.

It is an awesome experience to have a hand in the spiritual development of a young adult. It also comes with the hefty weight of responsibility. Being given that kind of degree of authority places people under your care. When you’re discipling someone you begin to care for them deeply as both parties begin to understand their unique roles in the relationship.

A mentor is burdened with the wonderful task of guiding someone toward a greater level of understanding and obedience in their faith. The one being mentored, the disciple, has the appointed opportunity to absorb and obey as they share in life and ministry with their teacher. This is probably my favorite aspect of ministry.

This was Jesus’ model for growing the Kingdom. Take twelve guys, pour everything into them, and turn it over to them. Incredible. Along the way he offered up this little reminder. We all have a teacher to follow. We all have a master to serve. Sometimes that means we just need to pause and consider: How might I learn better? How and who can I serve better?

I love teaching and I love sharing. Sometimes I can learn just as much from those God has placed under my authority. They often teach me a great deal about dreaming big, about sharing faith, and about walking in transparency.


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