The Best

I’ve been in a graduate program at the local university for the last four semesters. What began as a cool way to meet new people has turned into a personal challenge and a fun way to learn new stuff or improve old stuff. Today I turned in a project for class and allowed myself a brief sigh of relief. It was a milestone that marked the halfway point in the semester. Then I realized that there are still five projects that have to be completed. Combined the amount of work left to do easily doubles the amount I have already done. The kicker? I have about half as much time to do it.

Have you ever gotten pretty excited about something prematurely? The reality of the situation will let the wind out of your sails. What do you do? For me it means sucking it up, getting extremely intentional about the next six weeks, and doing the best work I have ever done. After all, I’m supposed to be doing everything for the glory of God by giving it my best right? Right?

Have you ever known someone that completely quit on something because it required too much of them? I have been that guy before, but not recently. Not even in the last several years. Why? Because God took a deficiency in me and shaped me through it. Shaped me to embrace difficulty, not welcomingly, but in a way that offers opportunity to exalt Him. To let my love for Him shine through whatever I set my hands to do, by doing my best.

These last several weeks have been gloriously intense. Busy is an understatement. But it’s been beautiful. The next six weeks will be even more intense. I am ready. I’m actually pretty excited. The best is yet to come.


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