Jesus, Family, People

Every time I put Ethan to bed I pray this little prayer over him, “We love Jesus. We love Mommy. We love people. Amen” This little prayer sums up my hopes for his life and my state of mind better than any grand theological idea.

The fact is that I have over complicated the crap out of everything in life for most of my adult life. Things are simpler than I have ever tried to make them. Sometimes it takes some good old fashioned adversity to make life a little more clear. Well some things are crystal clear right now. The important things at least. We love Jesus. We love mommy. We love people. Amen

I have committed myself to following Jesus for over twenty years. I will follow him in this life until my final breath escapes me, and then I will step into eternity where he will never be rid of my committed pursuit.

Jamie has been in my life for nearly ten years. I love her more deeply than I ever understood was possible between a man and woman. That’s definitely not about to change. If anything this particular season of intense and intentional busyness in ministry combined with some recent adversity mentioned above makes me all the more passionate about my soulmate. Add to that our little boy and my life is bursting with love. I am blessed beyond comprehension.

People must come first. Even in my pursuit of Jesus I have had my selfish streak. This has been especially true in my life in ministry until recent years. God is shaping in me a love for people that is deep. I have an earnest desire to put them before myself.

This little prayer is my new compass. It is the summation of my theology. Yes, I will still commit myself to learning and teaching. I will still read with an insatiable hunger for knowledge and revelation. But all of it will be out of a desire to love Jesus, love my family, and love my people.


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