March 15 – The Call

Read: Mark 3:13, 16-19

And he went up on the mountain and called to him those whom he desired, and they came to him. (Mark 3:13 ESV)

Growing up the word calling was used as a part of normative church vernacular. That’s a churchy way of saying destiny. It was generally phrased as either a question such as What is your calling? Or a statement like I am called to (insert career description).

It took a long time for me to understand what exactly that meant for my life. I began my Christian life at a young age, and understood pretty early on that there was some kind of bigger plan for my life than the things I daydreamed about. It wasn’t until nearly ten years later that I began active vocational full time ministry.

I remember the decision to step into this life as a career minister. I remember feeling the weight of the Holy Spirit and the way it felt to feel God speak that into my heart. It wasn’t so much a mountain top experience for me. There was nothing overly sensational. I didn’t hear Christ’s voice ring out from a mountain like the disciples did. It was a lot more like a felt whisper urging me in my soul.

Looking back over a decade later I wonder what my life might have become had I not listened and obeyed the Call. Even the remote possibility of it nearly brings me to tears. The idea of it is deeply troubling and sad because of the incredible joy I have experienced in ministry. On the other hand, I feel tears of complete gladness. I am glad than when Jesus whispered the Call into my soul that I answered. I am glad I came to him, not just for forgiveness, not just for an eternal destination in the after life. I am glad I came to Jesus when he called so that in him I would find a purpose, passion, and plan. In him I became a disciple and a discipler.

What about your Call? Did Jesus say something? Have you quieted your life enough to even hear or does the busyness of it all drown out the sound of his voice?


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