March 30 – Gladly Perplexed

Read: Mark 6:14-20

When he heard him, he was greatly perplexed, and yet he heard him gladly. (Mark 6:20b ESV)

Herod just didn’t get it. He didn’t know how to take John, didn’t know who he was, what he was up to, or why he was so perplexed. Ultimately he threw John in prison for his preaching against Herod’s sinful lifestyle. Yet even after that he regarded John as a holy man.

The cool thing about John is that he modeled exactly what Jesus wanted out of the disciples. John went before Jesus preparing people for the Kingdom of God, just as the disciples were charged to do when they were sent out, and just as we are charged to do today. John did it with great gusto.

Even today we can share the truth of the Gospel in a way that is perplexing to people. In fact, I completely believe that when we actually commit ourselves to lovingly sharing the fullness of the Good News it will perplex people. It will cause them to begin to question things in their lives that are out of order, and that separate them from God’s truth.

Unfortunately Herod did not ultimately respond to the Gospel in a positive way, but that didn’t keep John the Baptizer from sharing the fullness of truth. As you share your faith with those around you may not be met with positive response either. You might meet some gladly perplexed people too. Press on. Keep sharing. It is worth it.


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