Keep Your Steak


If I ever caught someone trying to feed my son steak they would be in a lot of trouble. Like a drop kick to the chinny-chin-chin kind of trouble. It’s not because he can’t eat steak, he can, he just needs really tiny bites. He’s just not ready for the fully unleashed awesomeness of a 20 ounce New York Strip. In the mean time he exists on milk, and soft fruits and veggies. In fact, most of his food is made by his mommy.

I am really and truly perplexed when I find Christians trying to feed baby believers spiritual steak. It makes me mad. I am even more annoyed when I see believers taking the weight of the Word and trying to force it on people who have yet to even embrace Jesus. When we throw our buffet of perceived fundamentals at them and they reject them why are we so surprised?

Why do we in the Church get it so WRONG so OFTEN?

It’s because we’re so messed up ourselves. I am messed up, you are messed up, your pastor is messed up, and so is the habitual sex addict that lives two houses over. We wander into grievous folly when we fight to force feed someone that does not even recognize their hunger.

When my son sees me eating, he wants to eat. When he sees me get a drink he wants some. When he sees me enjoy something, he wants to partake. What our friends, family, and neighbors need is someone who will show them that Christ is enjoyable.

Life lived for Jesus is not a pity party, a political party, or a social party. It is a life. It is full. It is wonderful. It is digestible. It is palatable.

I am convinced, truly convinced, that many people (not all) are so much more interested in Jesus than we often give them credit for. When an unbeliever witnesses the winsome life-giving love of Christ at work within the life of a believer it is hard not to pay attention. In fact, it forces them to make an internal decision to investigate further, or to reject wholesale. However, when we’re busy peddling opinionated agendas and wrestling with unnecessary internal foibles it all but makes the decision for those looking on.


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