11 Lessons College Teaches Beyond the Classroom


I have worked in college ministry for a decade. My wife teaches at the local university. We were talking about things we see people learn in college outside the classroom. There are many many more things that could have made the list, but here are 11 that came to us pretty quickly.

1. No one but you is going to wake your lazy butt up every day.

2. Time is valuable. You can spend it well or waste it worthlessly.

3. Laundry doesn’t do itself.

4. You’re responsible for your own actions.

5. Some people like you. Some people don’t. Sometimes you’ll change that. Sometimes you won’t.

6. Math is important. Intro to Film is not.

7. Money doesn’t grow on trees, puppies, or hubcaps.

8. The Internet lies, especially Social Media.

9. Choices have consequences and the future is real.

10. Friends that tell the truth, even hard truth, are better than friends that don’t.

11. There are more important things than homework, but not very many.


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