Good & Evil


I am a thinker by default. This does not mean that I am always very good at thinking as a discipline. It is merely the written observation that I often think. When tragedy strikes, as it did today, I think. I process both emotionally and rationally.

Like so many of you I found the news surrounding the tragedy at the Boston Marathon today to be horrendous. It is a very terribly sad thing to see so many lives so completely altered by the conscious vicious actions of another person or group of people. It is sobering, right down in your soul, to see the work of real evil manifest itself. I’ll never be able to comprehend how a person/people rationalizes such willful hate against other human beings.

Times like these bring up a lot of questions about the nature of good and evil. It is an ancient quandary that I simply have not the time, nor energy, to wrestle with at this late hour. But I will say that I absolutely believe in the overwhelming goodness of God. In fact, days like today draw me closer to God’s goodness rather than push me away.

My wife and I were eating at a local restaurant as much of the news began to unfold. And I was captivated by the sheer number of people running toward the danger. People wanted to help.

Yes, evil is real. Yes, it showed its ugly face today. But goodness is also real. And goodness gripped the heart of every man or woman who tossed aside their own safety to walk toward danger, debris, and disaster. I am thankful for the goodness of those who do the hard deed to see the hurting and helpless cared for. I am awed when I see the awesome kindness of God reach down in the midst of such reckless hatred and devastation.

Check out this blog about my opinions on a right and wrong way to respond as believers.


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